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New mobile antenna with more rapid response capacity


A new mobile antenna with satellite link-up capability is scheduled for roll-out in early 2018.  ASTRID currently has two mobile technical units (MTUs) to provide temporary radio coverage in specific locations during events that pose a risk to public safety. These antennae are typically deployed at festivals and sporting events, as well as in disaster situations or major incidents.

The new MTU offers a number of advantages. It can be deployed more rapidly as it uses satellite technology to connect with the radio network. The first MTU will also be enabled for satellite link-up in early 2018.

Another advantage of the new MTU is that by comparison with the first MTU, which uses a DAF truck, the new vehicle is a compact 4x4 that can reach sites unimpeded over rough terrain or through narrow city centre streets. ASTRID's two MTUs have since been granted emergency vehicle status and fitted with blue flashing lights in order to further reduce response times. 

Technical specifications:

  • Mercedes Sprinter 4.6 T with Oberaigner 4x4 modification
  • For use on normal roads and over rough terrain
  • Satellite antenna
  • Maximum mast height: 14 m
  • Can be operated independently by one person without the need to climb
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