Geoportal dispatch


Together with specialised partners, ASTRID develops applications that facilitate the operations of emergency services and promote the safety of the population.



The provincial control rooms (112/101) have access to GeoPortal, which is a cartographic portal. It is crucial that the operator has as many resources as possible in order to determine both accurately and quickly the precise location of an incident. The operator will also obtain a better view on the location of an incident and will therefore be in a position to better estimate which resources to use.

Through GeoPortal, the operators of the provincial control rooms have access to more than 45 maps in one click and this is supplemental to the operational maps in the CAD system. GeoPortal is a GIS web application that enables the operator to check which maps he or she wants to see on an individual basis, but also in different layers above each other with customizable transparency.

App 112 ASTRID

App 112 BE

In addition to the traditional phone call, it is now also possible for anyone to reach the emergency services through the 112 app BE. The localization feature in the application enables the emergency services to easily locate the people in need. When an incident occurs in a remote location, in a forest or in the midst of a complicated network of highways, it is often difficult to explain precisely where the person in need is located. However, the 112 app BE ensures that the precise GPS coordinates of the person in need are passed directly to the emergency room.

Working together with all relevant services and suppliers, ASTRID provided technical coordination in the development of the app.

You can download the app for free in the App Store (Apple) or in the Play Store (Android) by using the search term “112 BE”. However, please note that the 112 BE app only works in Belgium. Obviously, the emergency exchanges remain available through a traditional telephone call.

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Picture push

Picture Push

Picture Push enables the provincial or local control room to send photos to the ASTRID radios. Consequently, missing or flagged persons can be found much more easily – as the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. In addition to voice, the control room is also now able to greatly assist the teams in their search by distributing a photo through Picture Push. Identity checks are also facilitated. Picture Push works through Java or WAP according to the type of radio.