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Pagers are simple compact devices on which users can receive short messages or codes.


Services that avail of volunteers, such as firefighters, as well as Civil Protection and medical services use ASTRID paging to notify their teams when an incident occurs. ASTRID's paging service allows users to quickly send and receive alert messages anywhere in Belgium. The ASTRID paging network offers maximum indoor coverage.

Pages can be sent using an alarm terminal, radio or telephone. Provincial control rooms also play an important role in the emergency alert process by sending electronic messages to alarm terminals in the rescue station, which are then relayed to staff on their pagers.


ASTRID paging features:

  • Excellent availability
  • Nationwide network
  • Maximum indoor coverage

ASTRID aims to maximise availability by making the crucial parts of the network redundant. The ASTRID Service Centre monitors the paging service at all times through the radio network. Paging service users must adhere to operational directives set down by the Belgian Ministry of the Interior regarding transmission of personal data.