Geoportal dispatch


ASTRID provides emergency and security services with control rooms for emergency calls. 

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Provincial control rooms

Responding to and processing emergency calls
The computer-aided dispatching enables emergency calls (police, fire and medical) to be taken and forwarded to the relevant service and for the necessary assistance to then be dispatched to the teams in the field. Central dispatching provides significant benefits both in terms of the operational (general co-ordination) and technical (powerful and redundant hardware) aspects. In addition, the control rooms are also connected to each other for the purpose of managing large scale incidents and events

An integrated tool
Every control room has several workstations that are connected:

  • To the radio communications system
  • To a local computing network that is equipped with databases containing all of the operational information
  • To the telephone exchange for the purpose of taking emergency calls

Local dispatching solutions

This means that the dispatcher has a fully-integrated tool which enables them to take calls, dispatch them and monitor the progress of the incident. Furthermore, they have the ability to provide support for the teams in the field by establishing the location of the incident, marking out a route, obtaining additional information and calling in reinforcements etc. The teams in the field themselves are also able to consult the databases of the control rooms, for example from their rescue vehicles.

Header dispatching

Some user organisations make use of provincial dispatching for taking calls only and instead choose to manage the dispatching of personnel and resources themselves. In such cases, ASTRID delivers remote dispatching solutions in the form of local workstations (LCT - Line Connected Terminals), which are connected to provincial control rooms but used remotely. Depending on the model, an LCT can provide similar functions to those of a station located at the provincial control room, which enables the user to manage communications groups, feed or consult provincial control room databases, dispatch teams etc.