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With ASTRID paging, the fire brigade and other emergency services can both easily and quickly call their staff in case of an incident.

Fast and secure

Belgium's fire and rescue services receive more than 7,200 alert messages over the ASTRID paging network every day.

Maximum capacity and coverage

The ASTRID paging network offers maximum indoor coverage. ASTRID has ensured optimal transmission speed and capacity, which allows the system to handle a large number of calls simultaneously.

Great availability

ASTRID aims to maximise availability by making the crucial parts of the network redundant. The network is permanently monitored.


ASTRID's paging service is very user-friendly; users can choose from a wide range of pagers that meet the needs of diverse user types.  


The ASTRID paging service allows users to quickly send and receive alert messages anywhere in Belgium. The ASTRID paging network offers maximum indoor coverage. Users can choose from a wide range of network-compatible pagers that meet the needs of diverse user types.

In conjunction with the fire service, ASTRID uses POCSAG technology. The protocol takes its name from the UK Post Office Code Standardisation Advisory Group (POCSAG), which oversees its development.



Pagers are simple compact devices on which users can receive short messages or codes.

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For use of the alarm terminal, ASTRID provides three access methods to the paging network:

  • Secure telephone line (http to page).
  • ASTRID radio connection to the alarm terminal (SDS to page).
  • Automated telephone call system (DTMF) (PSTN to page).

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Volunteer firefighters, rescuers and Civil Protection staff have a pager so that they can be contacted if an incident occurs. The wide selection of pagers ensures that suitable models are available for all user types.

Types of pagers

A number of suppliers offer a wide range of advanced pagers that can be used on the ASTRID network. When approving pagers on its network, ASTRID fully considers the practical needs of its users. A wide range of pagers are available, including:

  • Domestic pagers
  • Professional pagers, for more heavy-duty use
  • Explosion-resistant pagers that conform to the ATEX directive and which can be used in gaseous environments
  • Pagers with message receipt confirmation and GPS location features
  • Pagers with encryption