Features radio communications

The emergency and security services must be able to establish reliable and secure communication between themselves at all times.


In this connection, ASTRID can provide the user with a digital radio communications network that is specifically designed to meet their needs and also cater for all of the players in the public safety sector.

Quality and national coverage

Digital radio communications on the ASTRID network provide a vast number of advantages, including fast and reliable links as well as optimal sound quality. Furthermore, the ASTRID radio network covers the whole of Belgium and the ASTRID radios are also straightforward and comfortable to use. Digital radio communications enable the users to double their efficiency whilst simultaneously halving the time spent.


The user’s own secure network

ASTRID radio communications operate within pre-programmed talk groups. This means that, to some extent, the user’s organisation has its own network within the common national network. The user can transmit voice and data communications in strict confidentiality thanks to digital communication encryption and terminal authentication, yet at the same time is able to create common talk groups with other services. As part of their respective missions, each user can be included in different talk groups within their own organisation or indeed with other services.

Reliability and availability

The network's architecture is redundant and its capacity is designed to deal with crisis situations. This means that users benefit from maximum availability.
The ASTRID Service Centre monitors the network 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.