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For use of the alarm terminal, ASTRID provides three access methods to the paging network.

Alarmeringsterminal paging

Alarm terminals

Most rescue stations (fire brigade) use an (automatic) alarm terminal in order to notify team members. The terminal is a computer with an installed alarm software system that is connected to the ASTRID server via an http line and back-up radio connection. Pagers for each station (fire brigade) are pre-configured on the system. When an alert is received, the alarm terminal sends pages to team members who must make their way to the station.

An alarm terminal offers many possibilities, such as group calls. Groups can be pre-configured so that suitable people are called when a particular incident occurs, for example the diving team in the event of a drowning.

Three access methods

Http to page

Http to page offers a number of advantages

  • Faster, more reliable access to the paging network
  • Messages reach pagers within a few seconds
  • Ability to send up to 40 different messages simultaneously
  • SDS to page and PSTN to page can be used as back-up

The ASTRID paging network and the user's alarm terminal are connected by a secure SDSL connection. 

SDS to page

Through the ASTRID radio that is linked to the alarm terminal, a short text message (SDS) is sent to the SDS to page access server and from the paging server to the pagers. 

PSTN to page

Due to its technical limitations, it is recommended that this telephone access method only be used as a last back-up. This system does however enable access to the paging network voice server by fixed line or mobile telephone in order to send page messages.


B-Ack Page

Some pagers can insert a SIM card that enables two-way communication. With the traditional paging system, communication is only possible in one direction. Conversely, with the B-Ack Page services, pagers can also send a receipt. Depending on the pager chosen, there are other possibilities for two-way communication between the pager and alarm terminal. This will give you an even better view on the availability of your employees.