Blue Light Mobile offers you a priority, high-availability mobile
voice and data communication service.


Best coverage

Providing users with the benefit of the best coverage in Belgium. A SIM card from Blue Light Mobile uses all of the Belgian mobile phone (GSM) networks. Blue Light Mobile is therefore the sum of all Belgian networks. This means that if the preferred Proximus network is unavailable, the SIM card will automatically connect with another network. You can also manually select the operator of your choice via the settings of your mobile phone.

International roaming

The Blue Light Mobile SIM card provides the user with access to all Belgian mobile phone networks: Proximus, Orange, and BASE. This ensures that the user will benefit from the best possible coverage in Belgium. Moreover, users have the international roaming facility which guarantees communications to agencies located on border areas.


Priority at all times

Subscribers to Blue Light Mobile have priority over other users on a Belgian network. If the network is saturated, then the user will be the first in line to receive a service and benefit from the highest speeds.

Users have the added guarantee that their voice and data communications will receive absolute priority over all other mobile users. 

Strong security

Even though the data of the user is carried via commercial mobile phone networks, you can rest assured that it is safe. For each connection, ASTRID creates a type of ‘tunnel’ (VPN) between the mobile terminal and ASTRID’s data centre. This tunnel guarantees the confidentiality and integrity of your data.


Access to the ‘cloud’ and to your own LAN

ASTRID’s SIM card gives the user access to the ‘cloud’, which is intended for the public safety and security services. The user can operate the applications to which his/her organisation has given access. These applications are to be found either in the cloud or the user’s LAN. The user’s organisation will decide which applications to make available in the cloud.

Managing your budget

The user’s organisation will decide what happens if the data traffic limit of any of its users has been reached. The user could opt to introduce a warning system in order to permit additional traffic, to limit additional traffic or to prevent further use by either all or specified users.

ASTRID Service Centre

24/7 Helpdesk

The ASTRID Service Centre is at your service day and night, and is geared to the specific requirements of the public safety and security services.