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The ASTRID Service Centre (ASC) is the first point of contact for all ASTRID users and it is available 24/7.

Users of the ASTRID services have one vital mission: namely, to ensure the security and safety of all citizens. And we like to help them fulfil their roles by not only offering them reliable communications solutions but also the best service and support that we can possibly provide.

ASTRID Service Centre

The ASTRID Service Centre will answer all your questions.
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ASTRID Service Centre

The ASTRID Service Centre (ASC) is the first point of contact for all ASTRID users and it is available 24/7. All ASTRID systems are permanently monitored by the ASTRID Service Centre.

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It is important for ASTRID to listen to the needs and questions of its users. To this end, anyone in need of specialised advice can always make contact with his/her ASTRID advisor.

Four ASTRID advisors are responsible for a region and/or a user group and provide information on the following topics: Service Level Agreement (SLA) and degree of service, validation and framework agreements for end user equipment, network developments and upgrades, coverage maps, advice on subscriptions, system security (capacity, redundancy,…), training, new services, radio usage and fleet mapping, etc.

Framework agreement for end user equipment

In order to facilitate orders of radio and pagers by public safety services, ASTRID regularly organises framework agreements with the suppliers of end user equipment. In this connection, ASTRID organises a public tender so as to select a wide range of the best devices available on the market. End users no longer need to initiate a tender process when seeking to purchase equipment from a supplier under the framework agreement. In addition to significant time savings, they can also be certain that equipment meets all technical and operational conditions.

Opleidingen ASTRID


In order to get the best out of ASTRID equipment and applications, a good basic training is of the utmost importance. In this regard, ASTRID has always provided training for its users, which has generally speaking been based on the 'train-the-trainer' principle. The ASTRID offering primarily consists of product-based training and we have a designated and well-equipped training centre in Brussels especially for this purpose.

Furthermore, training centres that belong to user organisations (such as the police and firefighting colleges) provide training that focuses more on the operational deployment of ASTRID applications.

Field Intervention Team ASTRID

Field Intervention Team

ASTRID’s Field Intervention Team (FIT) makes the interventions in the field in all kinds of ASTRID installations and it comes into action when there is a technical issue. When it comes to hi-tech communication systems, incidents are not always easy to explain. In these cases, the FIT is ready to analyse the situation together with the user so as to find a solution in an efficient manner. The FIT performs coverage measurements and analyses in the user area as well as in base stations or in the technical areas of the provincial control rooms.