What can I do with Blue Light Mobile and what services does ASTRID provide?

Mobile office on the ground

Blue Light Mobile services offer significant advantages to users on the ground. For example, teams can now easily check vehicle registration numbers in real time using their tablets, as well as perform identity checks, draft reports, query the dangerous substances database or share a photo or map with the control room. The SIM card offers private access to the secure cloud, through which the rescue service can avail of a secure environment for its own applications, but also share applications to exchange data between support teams. Essentially, the concept of a "mobile office" means easy access both for teams on foot or in service vehicles.

What can I do with Blue Light Mobile?

  • Dispatching applications (locating position, status, navigation, etc.).
  • Send and receive photos (Picture Push) or video’s.
  • Connect with your database (national person database, vehicle registration database, portal, etc.) and forward files.
  • Manage machine to machine applications (telemetry, remote control, ANPR, monitoring patients and teams).
  • Use mobile office (fill in documents and forms, reports, back office applications, mobile workspace, e-mail, intranet, etc.).
  • Use the Internet in a safe and controlled way.
  • Maintain software (download updates).

What services does ASTRID provide?

  • Connecting: ASTRID will connect your terminal to your organisation's internal network.
  • Hosting: ASTRID will host your application in its data centre and on its servers.
  • Application: ASTRID will select, install, host and manage the right application for your needs.
  • Application development: ASTRID will develop an application customised to your needs itself or engage another party to develop it.
ISLP mobile

ISLP Mobile

The police services can access the ISLP software (and other software) through their mobile data terminal (MDT) on their local HiLDE network. In order to use this service, the police service has to purchase Blue Light Mobile SIM cards and a Remote Desktop on the MDT.

English version not available, but please consult the Dutch and French documents.

B-ack page

B-Ack Page

Some pagers can insert a SIM card that enables two-way communication. With the traditional paging system, communication is only possible in one direction. Conversely, with the B-Ack Page services, pagers can also send a receipt. Depending on the pager chosen, there are other possibilities for two-way communication between the pager and alarm terminal. This will give you an even better view on the availability of your employees.

Car Crash Recovery

Car Crash Recovery System

Auto’s, bussen, vrachtwagens zijn vandaag uitgerust met allerlei moderne technologieën en veiligheidssystemen. Die maken het voor de hulpdiensten echter ook steeds complexer om beknelde personen na een ongeval uit een voertuig te bevrijden. Bovendien vormen niet-geactiveerde airbags, airbaggaspatronen, gordelspanners... een gevaar, zowel voor de hulpverleners als voor de slachtoffers. Ook het groeiende succes van hybride en elektrische wagens maakt dergelijke informatie erg belangrijk.

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