Blue Light Mobile

Blue Light Mobile offers a priority, high-availability mobile voice and data communication service.


This gives the user priority over private subscribers to use the Belgian networks. If the network should become overloaded, the Blue Light Mobile user will be served first and enjoy the highest speeds.

Best coverage

Blue Light Mobile provides the best coverage in Belgium and the highest service availability thanks to roaming on all national networks. If the assigned network is unavailable, the user will automatically be connected to another network. 

High speeds + 5G

 You benefit from a better high speed data service. This means that the user will be downloading, sending and receiving data at high speeds (2G, 3G, 4G and 5G).

Guaranteed safety

Thanks to Blue Light Mobile, the data of the user is guaranteed to be secured and remain confidential. If the user would like ASTRID to be responsible for protecting the data by passing through the commercial networks, we are able to provide a mobile VPN at no additional cost.

Blue Light Mobile is specially designed to respond to your specific needs as an emergency or security service, as a government agency or as a crisis manager.
Blue Light Mobile offers the user a mobile voice and data communication service that is highly available thanks to:

  • Priority on the Proximus network
  • Acces to all Belgian communication on all Belgian commercial operators (Proximus, BASE and Orange). This means that if the Proximus network is unavailable, the SIM card will automatically switch to BASE or Orange
blm sim


ASTRID offers several types of Blue Light Mobile subscriptions. You choose the formula that best suits your profile and your needs.



The Blue Light Mobile SIM card gives you access to all Belgian mobile phone (GSM) networks. This ensures you benefit from the best possible coverage in Belgium. The SIM card offers private access to the secure cloud, through which the rescue service can avail of a secure environment for its own applications, but also share applications to exchange data between support teams. Essentially, the concept of a "mobile office" means easy access both for teams on foot or in service vehicles.

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What can I do with Blue Light Mobile and what services does ASTRID provide? Blue Light Mobile services offer significant advantages to users on the ground.
For example, teams can now easily check vehicle registration numbers in real time using their tablets, as well as perform identity checks, draft reports, query the dangerous substances database or share a photo or map with the control room.

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All Blue Light Mobile subscriptions have the option to use 5G. So you can enjoy the benefits of 5G: higher network capacity, shorter response times and higher speed.