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Since 1998, ASTRID has been developing, managing and maintaining a national radio communications network, a paging network and a series of control rooms. ASTRID is an initiative created by the Belgian federal authorities.

ASTRID’s mission and its execution are largely outlined by a legal framework.

The management contract signed by the federal government as represented by the Minister of the Interior and ASTRID outlines the different obligations of the various parties and the general framework within which ASTRID is expected to achieve its social objective. The management contract was drawn up by a Royal Decree dated 8th February 1999 (Belgian Official Journal dated 27th February 1999) and this was debated by the Council of Ministers.


"ASTRID’s mission is to establish, run, maintain and implement any developing modifications and widening of a radio communications network for voice and data transmissions for Belgian emergency and security services, state and institutional security services, and companies or associations, be they public or private, which provide services in the field of emergency and security services" (Art. 3 of the ASTRID law).


ASTRID represents the following values:

  • Connecting: ASTRID promotes the cooperation between the various different public safety agencies.
  • Reliable: ASTRID aims to be operational, qualitative, available, safe and stable.
  • Partnership in the field: ASTRID is approachable and meets the needs of its users, whilst simultaneously further developing professional and field knowledge.



ASTRID employs some 100 people who work across the following three departments:

  • Technology & Operations
  • External Relations
  • Administration & Finance
Salvator Vella
Chief Executive Officer
Daniel Haché ASTRID
Director of External Relations - Vice Chief Executive Officer
Bert Vanbaelen
Administrative and Financial Director
Christophe Grégoire ASTRID
Director Technology & Operations
Carine Kiveryn ASTRID
Director of Human Resources

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is composed of ten members . Madam Ingrid Moerman is president of the Board and Mr. Bruno Lefèbvre is president of the audit committee.

  • Ingrid Moerman
  • Bruno Lefèbvre
  • Dirk Claes
  • Anneleen Vander Elstraeten
  • Pierre Huart
  • Julien Pieret
  • Serge Muyters
  • Eric Massin
  • Tania Dekens
  • Viviane Dessart

The audit committee is composed of four members

  • Bruno Lefèbvre qui en prend en charge la présidence
  • Pierre Huart
  • Dirk Claes
  • Anneleen Vander Elstraeten