Geoportal dispatch


It is essential that people in distress receive help as quickly as possible. For this reason, ASTRID has equipped police and emergency services control rooms with cutting-edge technology.


​​​​​​The computer-aided control rooms combine different technologies and assist the operators in terms of deploying the fastest appropriate assistance.

8,000 emergency calls a day

ASTRID provides technical equipment and software in the provincial control rooms where emergency calls are answered and teams are dispatched.

A treasure trove of maps

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Through GeoPortal, the operator in the control room gets a better insight into the location of an incident and is able to better estimate what resources need to be sent to the place of the incident.

All calls to the police emergency number 101 are processed in one of eleven provincial control rooms equipped with ASTRID's CAD systems. There is one control room in each province as well as in the Brussels Capital Region. In some provinces, emergency calls to 112 (fire service and emergency medical assistance) are also processed using ASTRID's CAD system.

ASTRID provides two types of dispatch solutions:

  • Provincial dispatch, which responds to emergency calls in each province
  • Local dispatch, for organisations that want this service


The provincial control rooms (112/101) have access to GeoPortal, which is a cartographic portal. It is crucial that the operator has as many resources as possible in order to determine both accurately and quickly the precise location of an incident.
The operator will also obtain a better view on the location of an incident and will therefore be in a position to better estimate which resources to use.